Vax Action 602 Pet U86-AN-Pe Upright Vacuum

Vax Action 602 Pet (U86-AN-Pe)

The Vax U86-AN-Pe Action 602 Pet is an upright vacuum cleaner that is versatile and practical. Designed to clean carpets and hard floors, it delivers a powerful performance across both surfaces and is ideal for pet-owners.

The Vax Action 602 Pet features single cyclonic technology, which helps to create more powerful suction during use. This enables you to complete a more efficient and longer-lasting clean, as you look to remove embedded dirt and maintain a pristine home. A rotating brushbar also agitates deep down dirt and stains, so that you can clean beneath the surface and leave your floors looking fresh.

There are also a host of tools and accessories that enable above the floor cleaning. Among these is a purposeful TurboTool, which is ideal for removing stubborn and embedded pet hair from your carpets, fabric and upholstery. You can also use a crevice and dusting tool for cleaning awkward areas above the floor, including skirting boards, blinds, upholstery and stairs. The Vax Action 602 Pet is also equipped with a hard floor adaptor, which enables you to safely clean delicate surfaces without scuffing or damaging them. For those who enjoy room to room clearing, there is also a long power cord for less frequent unplugging.

The Vax Action 602 Pet is also portable and equipped with a fold away feature, which makes it easy to operate and store within the home. It weighs a total of 7 kg and can be easily transported both from room to room and up and down stairs. Despite this, it is also equipped with a large dust container, which enables you to clean for longer with less frequent emptying. Such a large capacity means that the Vax Action 602 Pet is capable of cleaning vast home and floor spaces, without taking up too much time or physical effort.

Powered by single cyclonic technology for consistent suction, it is ideal for busy home and pet-owners that are keen to maintain a clean living space. The product can also be used to clean both hard floors and carpeted areas throughout the home, while it also offers a convenient storage option to home-owners. Also equipped with a host of tools that enable above floor and upholstery cleaning, the Vax Energise Pulse Base offers a comprehensive cleaning solution.

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